PMI is a specialist pipeline services company and offers a wide range of services for the installation and testing of polyethylene pipe, including PE80 (MDPE) and PE100 (HDPE/HPPE).

PMI’s highly skilled technicians have vast experience of working in both the gas and water industries. As a highly experienced installer of polyethylene pipe, specialities available include Butt Fusion and Electrofusion installation welding, catering for large diamter pipes up to 1200mm

Services include;


Butt Fusion Welding – Up to 1200mm

Electro Fusion Welding – Up to 1000mm

PE Flowstopping Techniques

Squeeze-Off – Up to 400mm

– Including slow release squeeze off for HDPE (mandatory for large diameter 7 bar connections)

Bag Stop

Under Pressure Connections

Up to 630mm x 250mm (branch saddles)


Pneumatic Testing

Hydrostatic Testing

Advanced Acoustic Pressure Testing (AAPT)

Butt Fusion Welding

PMI operate a wide range of Butt Fusion machines (up to 1200mm) including McElroy Tracstar (all terrain), and Fusion Provida Automatic BFMs. PMI’s expertise in handling the pipe and successful jointing using Butt Fusion methods provides complete peace of mind.

  • Proven welding technique for polyethylene piping
  • Long established method spanning over 40 years of use
  • Downloadable jointing data prvides evidence that jointing has been correct and successful
  • cost effective method of laying long stretches of pipe

Electrofusion Welding

Also available i the installation of large diameter electrofusion couplers and branch saddles. PMI’s technicians are highly skilled and have a proven track record of installing large diameter couplers.

  • Ideal for hard to access locations
  • Downloadable jointing data provides evidence that jointing has been correct and successful
  • Cost effective method of laying shorter and more complex sections of pipe

PE Flowstopping Techniques

Squeeze Offs

Squeezing off pipes is a long established technique and is a fast, effective method for PE flowstopping operations

Equipment for squeezing off up to 400mm including 7 bar slow release equipment

Quick to stop gas flow – Ideal for emergency situations

Bag Stop

Newly developed Bag Stopping techniques to provide an alternative to PE squeeze off are also available.