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Major breakthrough in production chemicals management. Reduce inventory, save money.


Wax/Asphaltene/parafin inhibitor, Corrosion inhibitor and more


Scavenger H2S, sulphides, Mercaptans, RSH and more


Biocide, Sulphur Reducing Bacteria, Sulphur Oxidising Bacteria and more


Environmentally safe Solvent, Wax removal, Asphaltene and Bituminous removal and more

image003Summary of Services Offered

Site survey

Thermal Imaging

Unique range of High performance chemicals

Wax and corrosion inhibitor (PMI 107)

Solvent for legacy waste and old wax accretions(PMI TC2)

H2S Scavenger (PMI SC3)

Scale remover (PMI SC4 and SC5)

Oxygen Scavenger (PMI SC6)

SRB biocide (PMI SC7)

Wax and Corrosion Inhibition

Crude Oil Tank Cleaning

Pipe Line Chemical Injection

Well Stimulation

Enhanced Oil Recovery and Heavy Oil Mobilisation

Our Team

Steve Foster a British citizen with over 20 years of hands-on oilfield and water management experience is CEO of  HVWWG

Richard Monbiot a British citizen with over 30 years experience in  development and production of oilfield chemicals is responsible for supply, logistics and QA


The accumulation of waxes and the onset of corrosion are endemic throughout the entire sequence of all stages in the production and transportation system of the oil and gas sector. Not only do they form deposits in surfaces of fixed structures (pipes, etc) and moving components such as pumps. The resultant build up of sludge, wax accretions and corrosion result in lasting damage formation of colonies of bacteria all of which restricts capacity, pressures and flow assurance. These can all be readily addressed and resolved by the appropriate application of the PMI range of chemicals.

The PSI system will outperform all other conventional products and treatment methods currently available.

Our wide range of services enable us to identify the causes of problems which are restricting output. We can then recommend from our range the most appropriate procedures,products and services to provide lasting preventative, solutions which minimize the chances of future recurrences .

Initial fact finding meetings and site visits (where appropriate) enable us to present a bespoke recommendation for remediation of current problems and preventative measures to be taken to avoid a future recurrence.

The first stage is a presentation and (if possible) a site visit to problem problem pipelines, crude tank farms, facilities, etc. Thermal Images of storage tanks would determine if they would need the Sludge mobilized before an injection program upstream is started. This is a simple process carried out on a site visit by our certified Thermograph Technician. A report on each tank would be provided with a recommended solution to mobilize up to 100% of the organics. (Thermal Imaging)

We will mobilize your tank sludge first using minimal intervention and in most cases the recovered hydrocarbons will be revenue earning. We are able to do this work with out any down time! We will break emulsions leaving close to a 0% BSW. A major benefit can be means reduced dockageand no environmental charges because most to all the sludge can be returned to production. We use a non-entry sludge removal system for tanks that are on line and we have the capabilities of cleaning your offline tanks, (extreme conditions) (PMI 107, PMI TC2).

The next stage is to move up-stream to the production facilities to clean the oil/water separators, heater treaters, hydro cyclones, piping, condensing towers, flare knock out drums, slug catchers, etc. Our approach is to inject chemical at selected points in the facility that are strategically beneficial for a slow and steady release of the existing wax, asphaltenes, scale, etc. (PMI107).

Pipelines are the back bone to all production applications and as we clean the system the pipelines revert back to near perfect condition as we utilize the existing systems. Where necessary we would modify the structure to install appropriate injection points. The effectiveness of the chemical injection will show itself in increased flow, reduceded pressures, reduced corrosion and scaling issues. Chemical Injecting, PMI 107).

The next stage would then be to move our injection services upstream to a MSV or direct backside injection on problem wells and offer a full solution by keeping the system clean and flowing. This will start at a higher rate to act as a cleaning solution to remove wax build up, then will be reduced gradually and optimised to an on-going low level maintenance dosage rate to render former corrosion, wax, scale, BSW, Drag Reduction issues into past problems.(PMI107).

As we set up the injection program at the Well Annulus we can do a well stimulation to increase production. We can clean out completely plugged wells We are able to load the backside of the well chemical and install a slow dosing chemical injection pump. It is recommended to do a well stimulation once a year to keep the down hole clear and flowing and insure the chemical is dosing properly (Well Stimulation  PMI 107, PMI TC2, PMI SC4 &5).

With a chemical injection program the environmental pits and lagoons will start to clean themselves. Much of the pressure is taken off because most to all of the sludges that normally flow into these are eliminated and there will be a noticeably dramatic decrease of emulsified oil in produced water. Where immediate remediation of legacy waste in these sites is required we have the procedures and technology to carry out the work including soil remediation. (Environmental Pits and Lagoons PMI107, PMITC2).

Our chemicals are highly effective in Enhanced Oil Recovery projects and provide an economic and highly efficient approach, to dealing with such matters. (Enhanced Oil Recovery and Heavy Oil PMI107 and PMI TC2).

We have access to a wide range of products and services from our trade partners that we are able to promote with confidence. This real world experience with proven products and technologies allows us to say with confidence, “This is what we Recommend!” (Products)

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